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On 1 August 2019, eight friends of European unification founded the non-profit association European Utopia e.V., including Niclas Müller (journalist, chairman), Silke Bodenberger (photo designer, vice-chairmwoman), René Heckmann (programmer, treasurer) and Andreas Wiedemann (art director). The association is still young, but is steadily gaining members because its concerns are important (more under WHAT WE WANT and WHAT WE DO).

Four ways to help European Utopia e.V.

Another founder of the association, Stephan Winkler, is a trained stonemason who knows how to create great things from small contributions: He once worked on a stone that is now stuck high up in the restored west portal of Cologne Cathedral. Those who want to support a people-friendly, transnational Europe and a new magazine with attitude have the following opportunities to do so - every mosaic piece is welcome!

Donate now: Transfer the desired amount and receive an immediate confirmation by email. Those who donate 100 euros or more in one year will receive a donation receipt for the total amount at the beginning of the following year.

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Become a full member and contribute: Please contact us by e-mail ( The annual fee for full members is 120 euros. 

Contribute ideas: Anyone who has suggestions for topics, knows of interesting projects, dates, events or is working on them can also write to:

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