Reasonable is how utopian sounds

Distribute wealth equitably. Preserve the beauty of the planet and save its climate. Guarantee every human being the same rights. Understand nationalism as an aberration. Act in a rational way. Save women, children and men from drowning - these are simple goals that some people already dismiss as “utopian”. The non-profit association European Utopia e.V., its members and supporters, however, take the principles of enlightenment seriously. These must apply universally, i.e. without borders. This is no utopia or reverie, but the foundation of Europe and of humane coexistence everywhere in the world.

Dare more utopia

European Utopia e.V. was founded in 2019 to better connect all those who do not want to resign themselves to the current state of affairs, but are looking for transnational, progressive alternatives. The non-profit association supports people who develop and try out optimistic visions of the future on a small and large scale, in their neighbourhoods, in art, research and politics, so that we can all live together in the future in freedom, equality, sisterhood and brotherhood. New utopias are needed to overcome the cynicism of our time. 

“Culture does not make people. People make culture.”

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Individual states do not solve global problems

European Utopia e.V. thinks the idea of reorienting the globalised economy is the right one; its primary goal should no longer to maximize profit but rather to maximize the common good. The current system is unreasonable and destroys our livelihoods. Nation states are proving unable or unwilling to solve global problems. They pursue their short-term individual interests, the long-term rational and the common good come second at best.

Aim for the desirable

It is, therefore, time that European democracies, at least, grow closer together and deepen their unity instead of moving apart. What political form a democratic and just Europe could take is an open question - also because too few citizens, academics and politicians have seriously considered it so far. European Utopia e.V. wants to change that. The association wants to stimulate progressive discourse by promoting research, education, art and culture and publishing a European magazine (more under WHAT WE DO).

Europe's moon landing = form a sensible state

For example, a regionally anchored, cosmopolitan, democratic, transnational European republic would be better suited to enforcing human rights, fighting poverty, saving the climate, securing freedom and prosperity, protecting against unjust states… than the current EU association of small and medium-sized states. That sounds completely utopian? Perhaps. But only if the distant goal is clear will we move in the right direction from the very first step. European Utopia e.V. wants more energy and effort to go into researching what is desirable - only then can it become what is feasible. Technically, humans will soon be able to fly to Mars, but in political matters, not even a moon landing is being considered - no less (but also no more) would be the foundation of a sensible, democratic, European state.

“No idea is a good idea that did not appear to be completely illusory at the beginning.”

Albert Einstein